Katia L'Ecuyer, CPM, LDEM


Katia is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife (LDEM) in the state of Utah. She is a graduate from the Midwives College of Utah, where she earned the “Student by Excellence” award in 2007. She has been practicing midwifery for more than 10 years and has attended hundreds of births, so you know you can count on a skilled and experienced health care provider. She provided care to women in rural Costa Rica where she practiced as a home birth midwife before returning to the U.S. She then worked as a Senior Midwife at high volume birth centers, which made her realize her love for midwifery lies in the continuity of care and the connection she shares with women and families. Katia is a NARM approved preceptor and has taught countless midwifery students. Since her passion for teaching and learning never seems to stop, she is currently enrolled as a pre-med student with the objective to expand her skills and knowledge and eventually provide care to women and families living in rural areas where access to care is often limited. She is originally from Quebec, Canada and is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com

Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com



"Some people believe I have a fascinating life story, but of course to me, it feels mundane.  I was born and raised in Quebec City and while I had a pretty uneventful childhood, I knew from a very young age that the city life wasn't for me. As a young adult I travelled the world searching for a more meaningful life, which I found in the remote Costa Rican jungle. I was blessed to settle in one of the most pristine places on earth, where I strived to live a simple sustainable life. I was convinced that there was no greater gift I could give my children then to provide a safe and peaceful place on earth for them to explore, grow, and thrive. I gave birth to my first two children at home in the U.S. with a midwife and it opened my heart to the world of midwifery. After moving to Costa Rica, I had my third child purposefully unassisted. I gave birth outside where I often slept under the moon and stars and it was the most beautiful and empowering experience. I got to breastfeed my son for the first time as I watched the sun setting over the ocean and felt such peace and serenity. And although it may sound like a dichotomy for a midwife to choose to have an unassisted birth, to me it says it all. Nowadays, women are birthing in a world where they often feel like they must surrender their sovereignty in order to get the help and support they deserve. As a health care provider, I believe women can have both a safe and empowering experience, where they feel validated, respected, and honored while also receiving excellent care." 

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"I see pregnancy and birth as a healthy natural process and my role as a midwife is to help guide women and families through out this amazing life experience. I believe one of the most important aspect of midwifery care is to get to know the families that I work with and to help foster an atmosphere of safety and trust. I encourage families to gain the knowledge necessary to make informed decision about their health and well-being. I believe that providing families with evidence-based care is of utmost importance and makes for a safe and empowering experience. It’s with this in mind, that I dedicate my heart and soul to honor and serve families through out the childbearing year."



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Since your safety is our utmost priority we strive to have two skilled providers at every birth. Melissa Chappell is a direct-entry midwife with years of experience in the birth world. She was one of Katia's best student and is now a full fledge midwife and a dear friend. She is kind, compassionate, non-intrusive, and may be at your birth to help assist and support you and your family. 

Melissa is also a founding member of the Utah Birth Suites, along with Seasons Warner and Sarah Millington. These ladies worked really hard to create the first birth center coop in Utah! We are really grateful for the opportunity to be a member and proud to have these wonderful ladies as our allies! 

Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com

Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com