Midwifery Services

We believe the childbearing years hold some of the most precious moments life has to offer, therefore we strive to provide holistic, professional, and personalized care to you and your family during this valuable time. At Innate Midwifery we care for your family as a whole and we welcome your loved ones to participate and be an integral part of this life changing event. We are convinced that there is no need to compromise safety to get an empowering experience and that you can have both by choosing our experienced, skilled and knowledgeable health care providers.



 Our Complete Maternity Care Package


Package Price: $3500* (Home or Birth Center)

  • 24/7 Access to Your Provider

  • As Many Prenatal Visits as Needed, Including Urgent Visits

  • All Routine Lab Work: OB Panel, CBC, GCT, GBS (Excludes Rh Negative Labs)

  • A Mid-Pregnancy Anatomy Ultrasound

  • Delivery at the Birth Center or at Home

  • Tub and Supplies for a Waterbirth

  • Medications During Labor and Delivery (Excludes Postpartum Rhogam)

  • All Birth Supplies, Towels and Linen

  • Immediate Postpartum Newborn Care and Exam

  • Breastfeeding Assistance

  • Newborn Vitamin K and Eye Ointment

  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect (CCHD) Screen for Newborn

  • Newborn Metabolic Screening

  • As Many Postpartum and Newborn Visits as You Need, Including Urgent Visits

  • Filing of Birth Certificate and Social Security Card


We are pleased to offer insurance billing services! It’s important to know that not all insurance companies or plans cover midwifery services and out-of-hospital birth. Some companies work well with us (United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna…) while others will categorically not cover our services (Medicaid, Select Health, Tricare, DMBA, EMI, Altius, PEHP), so for more detailed information feel free to send us an email.

We also accept payments from HSA and FSA, and have had great success working with alternative health care plans like Christian Health Ministries, Liberty Health Share...



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Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com

Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com

Prenatal Care Only

Affordable Quality Care

$150* Initial Visit / $100* Regular Visit

Will you be moving before you are due? Come in for your prenatal care and pay only for the services provided. This is also a great option if you are not convinced midwifery care is the right choice for you. In the end, if you decide to birth with us we will apply your previously made payments to our global fee.




In House /Free For Our Clients

We offer in house ultrasound to gather basic information like baby's position, but if more in depth information is needed, we will recommend scheduling an appointment with our ultrasound technician. 

Ultrasound Technician

$160* Cash / $165* Credit Card

We offer quality obstetric ultrasound performed by an experienced technician and reviewed by a radiologist at an extremely reasonable price. Whether you want to find out when you are due, your baby's gender, or it's time for the anatomy scan, our ultrasound technician is here to help!

Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com

Photo by Stacey Peterson - mobiephoto.com



Placenta Encapsulation

$150* Cash / $155* Credit Card

Whether the benefits are anecdotal or scientifically founded remains to be determined, but in our experience previous clients that consumed their placenta report benefits from helping curb postpartum mood swings to increasing their milk supplies, so you decide if this is the right choice for you!

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice